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Hebrew Learning

Hebrew is woven into our KG- 2nd grade curriculum in an introductory way. Children become familiar with the sounds of the modern spoken language through everyday words and phrases, Hebrew through movement, and music.


Children in 3rd grade deepen their learning of modern Hebrew following the same curriculum as our Mayim program and expanding it further. 


Starting in 4th grade, the Mayim Tamid children join their peers in Mayim for Small Group Hebrew. During these instruction sessions, they learn to decode letters and vowels and begin applying their decoding skills to simple Hebrew prayers. Each group includes no more than six children guided by one Hebrew educator, allowing for individual attention and instruction. Groups are determined first by the day of the week that parents choose for  Hebrew instruction, then by proficiency. We do our best to arrange groups at similar levels, but even in a mixed group the educators tailor the sessions to multiple levels and give each student individualized attention.


Hebrew instruction continues in grades 5-7 when the children enter our Shorashim program. Children practice and improve their Hebrew language skills and gain proficiency in t’filah (prayer) and reading Torah text.

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