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Vision and Core Values


Our TBS Vision for Excellence in Learning reflects the core values (in bold) upon which our learning is founded and the principles which allow us to live those values. This vision guides our sacred work in all of our learning environments, ensuring seamless transitions throughout the years from birth through eighteen years old.

Vision for Excellence in Learning Updated (1).pdf.png

Why does this look like a seder plate?

The Passover seder is the ultimate Jewish educational ritual. The seder is: experiential, comfortable, family- focused, multi-sensory, engaging, based in storytelling, appealing to different learning styles, and open to all. In these respects it is the ideal image to represent all of our learning at Temple Beth Shalom.

Teachers, Content, Community

The blue circles above represent our children’s primary teachers: parents and family, faculty, and the settings in which they learn. The green circles represent what we teach (Jewish tradition & values) and how (with depth). All revolve around the strong sense of sacred community which lives at the center of them all

Kehillah Kedoshah - קהילה קדושה
Our children’s learning takes place within the context of our TBS community, which is crafted with intentionality to deepen relationships so that we can better care for one another and, together, strive to achieve those higher goals we could not accomplish alone.

Living Torah - תורת חיים
Our children’s learning is grounded in the riches of Jewish tradition in ways that are accessible, relevant to their lives, and applicable beyond the walls of our temple home.  In these ways we inspire children to develop relationships with Judaism that are ever evolving and growing.

Rich Learning Environments - מקום
Excitement for learning is cultivated through surroundings that inspire curiosity and wonder.  The physical space and materials, along with intentionally designed experiences, bring our values to life, enhance our curriculum, and build a sense of belonging.

It Takes a Village - מורים חכמים
As a community of parents, clergy, educators, and staff we all share in caring for, nurturing, and teaching Jewish tradition to our children.  Our educators are reflective in their practice and are lifelong learners themselves.

Deep Learning – לימוד
Time is dedicated to children’s authentic experiences, as they grapple with high interest and complex questions that invite them to participate in constructing their own learning.  In knowing the whole child, we help each one develop self-knowledge the context of our community, Jewish tradition, and in the world.

Acting on our Jewish Values - דרך ארץ
Our Jewish values provide guidance and framing for what we believe and how we act toward ourselves, each other, and the world.  Each of us is a role model for our children through living--and making explicit--our Jewish values, and we provide opportunities for children to do the same.

Family - משפחה
Families play an integral role in developing a child’s Jewish self as they learn, celebrate, and make Jewish memories together.  Adults are also on Jewish learning journeys of their own, and we support them as individuals alongside our children.

The values in our vision statement are connected to reflect our two core principles: (1) Deep Belonging, and (2) Deep Learning. The blue circles above represent the people and places that create a sense of belonging for our children: parents, teachers, and learning environments. The red circles represent what we teach (Jewish tradition & values) and how (with depth). All revolve around the strong sense of sacred community that lives at the center of our work.

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