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Teen Leadership

The Leadership of Etzim includes the Etzim Leadership Team and the Rosh Team. This group meets regularly throughout the year to share information, develop programming, and plan Etzim programming.


Etzim Leadership Team

The Etzim Leadership Team (ELT) is a select group of Juniors and Seniors that meet weekly and are responsible for leading their own meetings and Rosh Team meetings, and for planning/supervising programming in Etzim and BESTY. 


Rosh Team

Our Rosh Team is selected based on specific skills and experiences through our application process. Rosh Team members come together once a month as part of the leadership of Etzim to develop and learn leadership skills and build community. Each Rosh Team Member also has individual responsibilities that they perform connected to the event or experience related to their position. Some of these responsibilities include (but are not limited to): posting on social media, helping write programs, scheduling BESTY events, and contributing to the weekly newsletter.

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