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Etzim is Temple Beth Shalom’s learning program for teens  in grades 8-12. Our teens participate in active, meaningful Jewish learning experiences in a welcoming and nurturing environment that reflects the character of our entire community.

In developing Etzim, we moved away from the classical “Religious School” educational model that has been prevalent in North American synagogues for the past century. Instead, we are offering a new paradigm for Jewish life and learning that builds on the rich learning that our students experience in Mayim, Mayim Tamid, and Shorashim.

Our Etzim program provides an abundance of options, with the intention  that every teen will choose what aspect of our programming is meaningful for them. 

Together, we aim to provide this generation of teens with an inclusive, accepting space to learn and build relationships while enjoying a rich experience of Judaism that will serve as a foundation for Jewish living for years to come. Etzim is grounded in our sense of who we are as a community.

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