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Kallah = retreat in Hebrew


Kallot = retreats (plural) in Hebrew


Shorashim Kallot are opportunities for our preteens to build community, learn together, and deepen their relationships with TBS educators and clergy. The retreat atmosphere is one in which we can accomplish learning, bonding, and personal growth well beyond what we can achieve week-to-week in our classrooms. Time and again we have heard that Kallot are the highlights of the year. 














5th Grade Kallah

Each year, we bring our 5th graders to Project Adventure in Beverly, Massachusetts for a day of team building and adventure-based learning. 5th Grade Kallah is a day-long retreat, not overnight, and takes place on a Sunday in the fall.


6th Grade Kallah

Our 6th graders travel to URJ Eisner Camp in Great Barrington, Massachusetts for a Saturday-Sunday overnight retreat that includes community-building, learning, and special surprises. 6th Grade Kallah is an important component of our students' journey towards B. Mitzvah. While not required, it is expected that 6th graders will make every reasonable effort to attend.


7th Grade Kallah

TBS 7th graders participate in a Saturday-Sunday overnight retreat at URJ Eisner Camp in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. This special kallah takes place on the same weekend as one of our Etzim (8th-12th grade) Shabbatonim, allowing the 7th graders to get a taste of what’s to come in future years. Our older teens serve as counselors, working alongside the adult ecucators to provide leadership and mentorship for the 7th graders.

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