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Why is the 8th-12th GRADE LEARNING PROGRAM AT TBS Called Etzim?


  • Etzim is Hebrew for trees

  • Torah is the tree of life to those who hold fast to it.

  • Etzim need strong roots which are fed by Mayim and Shorashim. A sense of being rooted in Jewish tradition and community is a large part of what we provide for our teens.​

  • Etzim branch out in many directions, as does our program with many different ways of getting connected to meet the needs of our teens who have varied interests and abilities. 
  • Trees are fun to climb, ascending one branch at a time! Etzim allows our teens to grow from year to year through different age appropriate experiences, offering new opportunities, new travel programs, and continuously building new relationships. 
  • ​From atop a tree one can gain new perspective regarding ​their surroundings and our Etzim program helps our teens to gain new perspectives on their lives, their Judaism, and their world.​​
  • Our family trees let us see clearly those to whom we are connected, and Etzim seeks to connect our teens more deeply with one another, with their families, and with our Jewish community.​
  • Etzim are made up of many parts but they also make up one whole, just like our teens, who are trying to sort through the many parts of their own identities, while also being whole. This is something we strive to teach our teens through our programming.
  • Etzim provide the air we inhale with each breath (nefesh), as our Etzim program seeks to nourish each the soul (nefesh) of each teen
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