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Why is the 5th-7th Grade Learning Program at TBS called Shorashim?

"We should solve to raise our children to a life of Torah and good deeds, to bring them closer to their Jewish roots…"


Shorashim is the Hebrew word for “roots,” and we chose this as the name for our 5th-7th grade programs because:


- Roots take up water from the ground to sustain a tree’s growth, just as our 5th-7th graders take in all they learned in Mayim (K-4) and use it as they progress towards our teen programs called Etzim (8-12). 

- Roots anchor a tree so it doesn’t fall over in the wind, and Shorashim seeks to provide learners with an ethical grounding to stand strong when the winds of injustice or intolerance push at them.

- Some tree roots run deep into the ground in search of water and nutrients, and our Shorashim program focuses on deepening our students' learning and their relationships with peers and educators alike. 

- Roots absorb minerals and nutrients for the tree, and Shorashim nourishes students’ natural curiosities about their Judaism and our world. 

- Root systems broaden as the tree ages, and our Shorashim learners expand their Jewish learning and begin applying it more broadly to life beyond the synagogue.

- Roots of one tree intertwine with those of other trees, and together they are stronger than any tree on its own. So too a major focus of our Shorashim program is building the youth community that will strengthen and support all our students. 

- Just as Torah is called “a Tree of Life” in our tradition, Shorashim prepares our learners to celebrate becoming B. Mitzvah when they will engage and share from our Tree of Life in whole new ways.  


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