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Children in Mayim Tamid are expected to participate in at least one T’filah session each week, based on their schedule and the participation of their group. Mayim Tamid educators set up a weekly schedule for the group and work with each family to create a routine.

We believe that the best way to learn something is to experience it on a regular basis.  We include weekly 30-minute T’filah (prayer) for all Mayim and Mayim Tamid children, led by members of our T’filah Team, which includes TBS clergy, musicians, and educators. 


Our goals for t’filah are:

  • To develop the children’s capacity for a meaningful prayer experience, including an understanding of the meanings of our prayers;

  • To practice singing, chanting, or reciting our t’filot (prayers) on a regular basis – a reflection of our tradition’s invitation to engage this practice regularly;

  • To learn melodies, styles, and “prayer choreography” regularly used at TBS;

  • To provide older children with opportunities to lead prayer.


Music and singing are infused throughout the experience.  Parents are invited and encouraged to join us whenever they are able!


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