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8th/9th Grade Trip (Alternates New York City and Philadelphia)

We will be exploring the city, learning about the Jewish population and its history, as well as doing some sightseeing and experiencing the city and it's culture. This is a great opportunity for our 8th and 9th grade cohorts to build community and strengthen connections with other teens in Etzim!

10th Grade Trip to L’Taken Seminar in Washington, DC

Head to our nation’s capitol to join hundreds of other Jewish teens at the Reform Movement’s Religious Action Center’s L’Taken Social Justice Seminar. Explore a variety of public policy issues, discover Jewish values surrounding these issues and learn the skills of an effective advocate. All of this culminates in a trip to Capitol Hill where we lobby our Congressional leaders. This trip is an integral part of the Confirmation experience, but is also open to those not participating. For 11th & 12th graders: You are invited to go to the RAC either on the second time track or for the first time.


11th/12th Grade (Alternates Service Trip and Civil Rights Tour of the South)

Service Trip to Charleston

The focus of this trip will be Tikkun Olam - the Jewish value of making the world a better place. Our group will volunteer on a construction crew for Habitat for Humanity, helping to build houses and working to break the cycle of poverty, helping more people achieve homeownership and a better future. We will also explore the city and learn about what makes Charleston such a special and unique place in the south, as well as for the Jewish community. 

Civil Rights Tour

Explore the South through a Civil Rights lens on the 11th and 12th Grade Trip. We will learn about the struggles of African Americans to gain equality in the 1950s & 60s, visiting key sites and using the Civil Rights journey as a way to highlight the relationship of the Jewish and American identity. We will also explore why Jews, as a people who have known oppression, must care and act when others are oppressed.

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